Friday, December 9, 2011

Scarves - I'm Knitting!

Last Sunday evening I got an email from one of my sisters asking it I could knit some scarves for the Soujerner Truth House in Milwaukee. I said I'd try but wouldn't promise as I had so many irons in the fire.

Well, within 5 minutes I found yarn and started a scarf.

This was the first one I knit. It is a textured bulky yarn with a little bit of sparkle from the turquoise I added. I love this and wouldn't mind wearing it myself.

For the second scarf I also used the bulky yarn with one with a little sparkle, but this time the colors were closer to each other. I also wouldn't mind wearing this one.

I made them long enough so they can wrap them around their neck for warmth or just let hang loose for a fashionable look.

I am sending them to my sister in Milwaukee to add to the 20 she is doing, the 4 my other sister is doing and hopefully many more that other friends will be knitting so that if there are 40 ladies there they will each get one.


Cre8tiveMummy said...

Can you tell me what kind of yarn you used in the first scarf? Thanks!

Cre8tiveMummy said...

Can you please tell me what brand yarn you used in the first scarf? Thanks!