Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Colors of Christmas

I love being able to enjoy the Christmas colors around Florida.

When the holidays are over and our pointsettias start to look like they are on their last legs, we plant them outside and get absolutely beautiful plants for several years until we are hit by a hard freeze.
This is in my neighbors back yard.

This is just one of the three "bushes" growing in their yard. They have grown to this glory without any help.

Although these aren't what we think of as Christmas plants, when I saw the colors I immediately thought what a gorgeous Christmas planting.

Hopefully we will not get a hard freeze this season and they will all survive.

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Deb said...

My grandparents were missionaries in Africa and I've seen a picture with my grandmother standing in front of a huge poinsetta, was at least 10 or more feet tall and wide. It was right beside their very small house. I always think of that picture around Christmas! Didn't relize that you can get them to grow outside there in Florida. How far down are you? I wonder if folks way down at the tip have them 10 tall?