Friday, December 16, 2011

Horse Fever

Ten years ago Ocala, Florida did an exhibit of painted and decorated horses, much like similar projects of various animals around the country and abroad.
I LOVE those types of things.
This year they repeated it with 27 fantastic horses.

Yesterday we set out to go "horse hunting" to find as many of the 27 horses as we could. Our information was incomplete and they had already been sold to various businesses and individuals so many were not easily found.

We did find the 4 from the first Horse Fever a decade ago on the square. Then we found a few more in that general area.
The ones I'm showing on this blog post are from the current herd.

Broken Beauty was just a block off of the town square.

This "Quarter Horse" was covered with quarters and the artist also painted quarters on it.

"Brick City" was directly across from the square facing the square. It was our favorite of the horses we were able to locate.

This is the other side of Brick City.

I hope to spend another day horse hunting and find a few more.

If you enjoyed this post let me know as I have more photos and some closeups I can post at another time.


Jamie Kalvestran said...

I love this! Wish I had one for my garden.

Robin said...

I love the broken beauty. Chicago had its cows. NYC had some too. These need to be puzzles, please. Thanks for sharing the pix.

Anonymous said...

comment was eaten by blogger....

and since I follow about 400 blogs I have not figured out which blogs eat comments when use google i.d.

not all do which leads me to believe it has to do with "settings"....

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Anonymous, I've noticed the same thing.

Deanne said...

My hometown has cows, which are nice, but I must say that the horses are so much more elegant.

norma said...

I love the quarter horse. How clever!