Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Gift Christmas Time and Pizza Fondue -1

This is the first group of photos of one of our newest family traditions.
We gather for Pizza Fondue - an old family recipe.
After we eat I gift each family member with various family memorabilia and other meaningful items.

When my son Jeff opened this he was a little confused! He thought this was an earring!

Heidi is enjoying her Santa ornament. She is wearing another gift - a necklace that belonged to her Great Grandma Sorensen.

Somehow I missed getting a photo of Dana with her Santa ornament. She is showing her University of Wisconsin ornament. She is a Junior at Madison and will be enjoying seeing the Badgers play in the Rose Bowl in California this year.

Jeffrey's Santa ornament is a perfect Father Christmas.

Kierstin is wondering why she got a Santa with a tennis racquet? She is one of my first grandchildren to be able to enjoy the new tennis courts at the local high school.

Cooper is smiling as he sees his Santa ornament.

Because I no longer do the BIG tree with the Radko and other glass ornaments each year I am sharing them with my family.
In case you haven't guessed, the theme for the ornaments this year was SANTA!


Anonymous said...

Great Grandma Sorensen's necklace sure looks like the current styles.... lots of things dangling.

So clever to gift the ornaments and other family items, that way the "folks" can hear the story.

Anonymous said...

love the necklace too!
Pizza fondue???How does that work?