Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Colorful Cuddly Hand Knit Afghan

I don’t do commissions! this is as close as I come – for a special friend.

I only share my decorating skills with my best friends and family now.


But I did knit this afghan twice to decorate their new family room.

It coordinates perfectly with the room and adds just the right accents to the room.

The first time I knit it I knit it quite loosely and didn’t tie the yarns together as securely as I should have.

There was a little accident and my friend had no choice but to throw it in the washer.

It unraveled in several areas.

I though I could just fix those areas, but under closer examination I knew I’d have to unravel it and reknit it.

I had not kept track of the number of stitches nor the needle size.

I only knew I wanted it to be knit tighter and not quite as wide.


It ended up quite a bit narrower and shorter.

It is soft, cuddly and warm.

It is still big enough for one person, but not for two!

It is still just as beautiful as it originally was and I know someone will be using it soon as our temperatures will start to get chilly in the evenings.

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