Saturday, August 4, 2012

What Did I Do BQ? (before quilting)

Quilting seemed to be something that was beyond my abilities years ago.

I loved fabric, fibers, design and art.

I also loved traditional quilts but could not for the life of me figure out how to do these complex designs.

Supplies such as suitable fabrics and battings were very hard to find.

Although I attempted to make some comforters and quilted bedspreads I really didn’t think I’d ever be able to make a quilt.


This is a piece of counted cross stich I did BQ. The design is from a book. It is still a WIP!


Although this may be hard to read, it was signed and dated KAY SORENSEN 83 – 1983.


This was done on even weave canvas. I found that harder to work on. It was also a pattern from a book or a kit.

I did sign it but didn’t date it. It is also a WIP which is a shame since I have the custom frame and the cut to size backing board.


This is another WIP. I am quite sure it was a kit since this was a base fabric I would not have had in my supplies. It will be a small pillow when I finish it.

I did enjoy doing cross stitch. The problem came when I was doing an intricate design and I wanted to do “just one more row” to see what it was going to look like.

One more row could turn into 20 or more and it kept me up very late. I was not good for much the next day after that.

So I put the cross stitch on hold. I do not know if I’ll get back to it – at least until I finish most of my WIP quilts.

In case you think I only have WIP in cross stitch, I finished many pieces. I have given most of them away.

I have a large collection of cross stitch books and supplies and am thinking about putting them up for sale VERY reasonably.

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Anonymous said...

One thing about WIP cross stitch from 1983.... it will be much harder to do now....these old eyes just are not what they use to be.... I would do the quilting first and maybe talk some grand child into doing a multi generation cross stitch project some summer...???