Monday, August 20, 2012

Quilts Layered And Ready To Be Quilted


These are three of the four quilts I now have ready to quilt. The fourth is already being quilted.

For small to medium quilts I pin baste with Japanese Flower Pins. For larger quilts I uses small brass safety pins.

The smallest quilt here is about 36" square.

I enjoy the free motion quilting process and these will be quilted that way.

Quilting can make or break a quilt. I like to think my quilting makes the quilt!

Today's puzzle features all three quilts with my favorite cut.
Click to Mix and Solve
I am adding a second puzzle for you. I did this one and I won't tell you how long it took me. It was a challenge but I did it!
Click to Mix and Solve
If you do this one please let me know!


Robbie said...

I'll take the middle shibori piece!!! Love them all but the colors in that piece are beautiful together!!

Anonymous said...

I did them both...not sure if I should be pleased as punch or horrified that I spent over two hours working puzzles today. But it is an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

I did the second one and am going back to do the other. I find it easy todo on iPad as you can float the pieces around and hear them click together. When you have some units you then start putting them together.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....this is not good...I don't want any good reasons to buy an iPad......

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I find it HARDER to do the uzzles on my iPad.

Joni said...

Are you working with hand dyed fabrics? The quilts are beautiful.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thank you. The top two quilts are my own hand dyed fabrics. Most of the newer quilts I am starting are the result of a winter of dyeing - about 200 pieces of fabric!

Jessim said...

I love quilting the quilts, but basting is my least favorite part. If I can get over that step, the next is the fun part!

Love the puzzles!

sulrossgrad said...

Your fabrics are really beautiful. I haven't been brave enough to do any hand dying of my own, but I sure like yours. Lovely!

Leah Day said...

What gorgeous colors! How in the world did you make that drippy purple fabric? I want some!

As for basting, have you tried pinmoors? You'll be able to baste even big quilts with your flower head pins because the pinmoors lock them in place and stop you from getting stuck.



Louisa Jones said...

I did the first puzzle but couldn't bring myself to do the other! They are really great little pieces though - I love the colour choices!