Monday, August 6, 2012

Illusions–Finish 377

Do you like math word problems?

I have one for you.

At the beginning of 2012 I had 78 works in progress to finish.

I started 7 new works in 2012.

I finished 16 WIPs in 2012. 16 is a significant number.

14 of those were finished after June 20, 2012.

How many works in progress does Kay still have to finish?

Answer at end of post!


You said 69 – right? WRONG

I have 53 works in progress to finish.

What I didn’t tell you is I moved 16 to the lists I don’t have to count:

1. Not real important

2. Questionable to finish

3. Rework or abandon

I do not have to count anything on these lists.

I can finish them if the spirit moves me, but the spirit is moving me to finish the 53 top priorities on my lists at this time!


Connie said...

LOL, I love your additional lists..........oops....I think I have a couple of those too!

* said...

Not fair! But I like that last list.

Rhonda said... really fooled me. I had subtracted a couple of times before I scanned down to your answer. I like your idea about "not important"
Great post!!

Vicki said...

Ha, I was going to say there was a bit of info missing like you donated some tops or a friend gave you 20 to finish, hahah. I quilt counting but I have one bin dedicated to completed tops. I plan to get them all done this winter but then I started 4 more quilts....:)

Eva said...

Great piece! -- I did not calculate. I took an oath to be finished with mathematics for the rest of my life.

Sue Daurio said...

53 is so much more doable than 69 :) Love the piece you posted, just beautiful. Like others I stopped counting. As long as all my fabric and things fit in my sewing room, it's all good :)

straythreads said...

It is good to unload baggage and that is what a lot of unfinished quilts are. there was a reason for not working on them.

kwiltnkats said...

You're so silly...was lots of fun to read though. Sandi

Quilter Kathy said...

I love how you do math! That's my kind of adding!

Nina-Marie said...

LOL - like I tell my students - math is everywhere. I'm all for either throwing out, repurposing, giving away or even selling on ebay unfinished projects that you're never - ever going to do. VERY freeing! Congrats on your finishes!

Mimi said...

Quilter Kathy calls it your kind of adding.... when actually you subtracted 16. Now if I was five years old I would say "YOU cheated"!.