Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Have You Heard? Macramé Is Back!

I did a fair amount of macramé in the early 70’s.

It was a very popular craft.


This necklace was on of my favorite things I made. I still wear it. It was made with a thin rayon cord and wood beads.

It is an original design and because of the complexity and the thin cord it was very time consuming to create.


This is a close up of the detail at the bottom of the necklace.


This is a wall hanging I made for my sons bedroom. I can’t remember it hanging in there, but I am sure it did as these were the colors of the room. It was made from a jute type cord.

I still have all my Macramé books but I don’t plan on doing any more Macramé at this time. Some of the books I have list for a lot of money on Amazon!

I'm really going to try harder to include more puzzles for all of my puzzle fans.
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Frieda Anderson said...

Did you know that the tatting stitch and the macrame stitch are the same?