Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reverse Applique–Channeling Mary Evans


This is a small reverse applique I did years ago. I made it in a class with Charlotte Patera at Quilt Festival in Houston.

Charlotte watched me sew and remarked on the fine quality of my hand sewing.

I had to laugh as I was not known for my handwork – in fact I only did things by hand if there was no other way to accomplish the task.


This is the back of the piece. You can see my tiny stitches.


This is a Baltimore Album quilt that is possibly a Mary Evans quilt.

Earlier in the day I had visited a show of Baltimore Album quilts at the museum with two friends. We played “Let’s Pretend” and picked the block we though we had probably done in a previous life. Since I was the teacher I picked the fantastic large center block which I guessed had possibly been done by Mary Evans. Mary was credited with being the force behind the wonderful Baltimore Album quilts. This is not the exact quilt we were discussing.

When I was working on this small bird piece I guess Mary’s spirit entered my body and I did the quality work she would have done!

From time to time I have done some other fine quality applique, but it is not what I am known for!

Of course I had to use the bird cut for today's puzzle!
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Anonymous said...

Fooled me! I had to go back and look at the blog I was reading. This piece is very different from anything seen here before... love the channeling while sewing! Love those puzzles as well.

Eva said...

This little piece shines like a church window!