Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recent Quilts


These are some of the quilts that I have completed recently.

I had one section of my design wall empty so I was able to put up these 6 quilts.

The section you see is about 7 x 7 feet which gives you an idea of the size of each quilt.

I wish I had wall space in my studio to hang more of my quilts. I do rotate them from time to time and I will be doing that soon with some of them that are on the stairwell walls.

Can you see my design signature in this group?

Today you get 6 quilts in the puzzle!
Click to Mix and Solve


Windy Hill Happenings said...

Kaye, I love them all but the bottom left (circles on squares) is my favorite. It looks like deconstructive screen printed fabric for squares?.... - something our Fiber Junkies group were doing today...such a high energy the circle on top to quiet it down...a great piece.

Eva said...

Hard to say, Kay! The whole collection is more than the sum of all. No 1 is a favourite of mine, but I wouldn't reject any. One might think they were made in different periods of your life -- or even by different persons. How versatile you are!

Silvia Dell'Aere said...

Hi Kay, your quilts are all lovely but the one that really catch my eyes is the small blue one, I can't stop looking at it. Wonderful job and colours!

Robin said...

Love all the movement in these quilts. My fav is the one in the upper left corner. the puzzle was fun too.

Lisa Chin said...

You have been very busy! It so wonderful when projects are finished and you sit back and enjoy them. I love the two bottom quilts the most. Any plans for the quilts?

pcoxdesign said...

Wow Kay! You are creating some beautiful quilts from your handmade fabric! Thanks for sharing!

fndlmous said...

Each one of your quilts seems to appeal to a different person, which probably speaks to the quality of your designs. Lovely eye candy!
Pat f in Winnipeg

Anonymous said...

Too hard to choose. I like circles on squares as a design and yours version is very appealing. The lower right also really grabs my eye! Then, the small one pops out just because of its size, I think. Wonderful work and progress!