Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weaving–Another BQ Activity


This is a table matt I wove on a 4 harness floor loom in college when I was still a teenager.

I was very proud of it as I designed my own pattern – 4 color plaid, and a twill weave than varied in each color section.



I also wove a pillow with the same warp. The yarn was an inexpensive cotton rug yarn which was what my budget allowed.


Years later with no loom I wanted to weave. I took a small bolt board and added pins to each end and warped it.

I wove this small piece with a plain weave and wool yarns.


I also wove this on a bolt board. I did a variety of different weaves and made many color changes.

It was woven on a linen warp with wool yarns. Although the edges are quite irregular, it is quite a nice piece.

I should matt and frame this one.

Other than weaving with strips of cloth, I think these might be the last weavings I’ve done.

And as I said I hoped to do, another puzzle.Click to Mix and Solve


Eva said...

Touching to see one's first work. Love the pillow cover!

Robbie said...

How interesting to see some other sides of you, Kay!