Sunday, August 19, 2012

More BQ–Needlepoint

I fell in love with this painted needlepoint canvas on our first trip to New Orleans close to 40 years ago.


I started working from the center. I have the background about 3/4’s done and realized they did not give me enough yarn for the background.

When I discovered that I lost my enthusiasm for the piece and it has been languishing in a drawer for probably 39 years. I know I will probably have to take out all the background I have already done and buy more yarn as if I add new yarn it will not match. Will I ever finish this? Who knows.


I made this needlepoint belt somewhere between 30 and 40 years ago.


This is a close up of a section of the belt.

I never made it into a belt. It is not something I would wear as a belt today – even it it fit.I think it could be a great piece to hang on a wall in a very narrow space.



My grandsons love frogs. I did this one before I even had grandsons and they have never seen it.


I do love the southwest. I don’t think I had even visited the southwest before I did this one.


I think this might have been one of those needlepoint pieces where the motif is already stitched and all I had to do was cover the background.

It seems like all my needlepoint pieces are still works in progress. I am not sure if I have any more that have been finished.

At least I finish putting the pieces of my puzzles together!
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Anonymous said...

What! I was whizzing through the needlepoint pictures as that does not interest me today and THEN I get to a blank puzzle box - ha ha ha, let's see whose blog is this? Yours! glad you are into puzzles as well as OLD needlepoint.