Friday, August 24, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch Are Back!


The reason I haven’t had Lunch Ladies posts recently is I forget to take pictures.

Today was a very special day with long time friends.

Bev (in aqua) and I taught together for many years at our local Technical College. I think we started teaching there the same year.

Lyn (in red) is Bev’s daughter and I have known her for years too.

Lorrie (in purple) is someone I have known since I was twice as old as her. I am now only about 1 1/3 times as old as she is.

She was one of my youngest ever students and was definitely one of the best I ever had. She took many classes from me and also worked with me.

We all have sewing and quilting in common.

Before we went for lunch I gave them a tour of my studio and some of my quilts.

We had years to catch up on and we’ll need to get together again before long to do some more catching up.

This definitely was the highlight of my week. There are no friends like long time friends!


Anonymous said...

Old friends are great.... and your wording has me wondering what you taught??? Why don't I know?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Stay tuned Mimi and the rest of you who haven't know me "forever" and I'll be sharing what I taught on a future blog post.

Robin said...

Friends who knew us when and still are our friends are the best. They know we won't change for them and love us for who we are.