Sunday, August 26, 2012

eBay Is My Friend!!

In case you haven’t guessed I love decorating. I enjoy finding vintage Scandinavian teak in good condition on eBay.


This draw leaf dining room teak table and chairs was the first furniture I purchased on eBay. We have used it in both the dining room and the breakfast room.

It has been a perfect set as the table is narrow to fit our narrow rooms. It is still in the same excellent condition it was when we purchased it about 10 years ago.

I am thinking about selling this set. It works as well for just 2 people as it does for 6 with the leaves extended.

I am always browsing on eBay and recently found another set.



I found this on eBay last week. It was within 15 miles of our house.

It’s a beautiful set in great condition. Since our dining room is small, the glass top works well.

We set it up so we can seat 6 people although there are only 4 chairs. We can use 2 chairs from another room.

Since there are 6 of us I think we will celebrate the birthdays tonight at this table!

Hope you enjoy this puzzle.
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Anonymous said...

The new table and chairs are stunning!!! That cut for the puzzle is NOT stunning.... it is hard.... time to puzzle it out.

Robbie said...

Lovin this new table set!! Beautiful actually!