Saturday, October 11, 2008

Carol's class is over and it was top notch

Our last day of class was Friday.
We learned so much more on the last day.
We learned why we did the "class quilt" and each got pieces of it to remember the learning experiences.
We also cut up and distributed pieces of each of the colors we dyed for the Sky Family.
Carol showed us examples of various experiments she had done to discover the effects of different variables in dyeing. This was so interesting. She also gave us hand outs so we could do some experiments on our own.
The last thing we did is share our work with the rest of the class and talk about how we got some of the results we achieved and how we felt about the different pieces.

This photo shows some of the pieces I created in the class. I was quite happy with most of them. I also learned what I should now do to add a little color to some of them without obliterating what is already there.
Carol spent a lot of time explaining overdyeing and the effect you get depending on the color and the value you choose. This was so interesting. I am glad I did not choose to overdye any of my work before she covered this.
A few of us had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant and then said our good byes. Since we live in various parts of the world we do not know when and if we will see each other again but we keep in touch via the internet.

This photo is of the group of us who originally met at Carol's Dyeing Part 1 class at the Timber Frame Barn in 2007. Since we were dyeing Color Families we called this our Family Reunion.


Stitch 'n Dye said...


Didn't we have THE BEST TIME???? I'm sad it's over - but the best things never go on for ever. I'm so happy that I was able to get together with you, Carol, Pauline and Karen again. Also seeing Georgeann - that was a treat too. Now some of us must plan the dyeing marathon for our plan to take a Nancy Crow class in 2010. Going to the Barn is not just going to a class - it's like going home - such a beautiful place and such wonderful people. I just have to keep finding a way to go back.

Love Sue xxx

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of your class with Carol! I adore her and think she's the best, most organized, action-packed, instructive teacher I've *ever* had. I've only done part I, but hope to do part II one of these days! I'll be watching your blog to see what you do with all of this great information!