Friday, October 17, 2008

Classes are over and I'm tired - a good tired

Today was the last day of Jan's class.
I really enjoyed the class and learned so much and accomplished so much.
We had a great group of ladies in the class along with our top notch instructor.
It was after 5 when I left the Barn.
The last thing we did today was share our work with the rest of the class and talk about it.
I would like to share some of my work with you.

These three small pieces were underpainted and shibori dyed over the painting. I have an idea how I will use these. (But don't hold your breath waiting to see the finished piece as my priority will be working on the quilts for my solo show in January)

This piece is also underpainted and shibori dyed over it. At this point I have no idea how I will use it.

These 24 pieces started out as a dark to light orange gradation. Each set of 4 was overdyed with a different color with the same patterning. I also have an idea how I will use these.

For this group of fabrics I split a one and one half yard piece of my Gradual Gradation Fabric into five equal pieces. Each piece was shibori dyed with a different color.
The Gradual Gradation fabric shades from dark to light and back to dark. It has been folded so that the dark and light are next to each other in the photo.
Almost all of the fabrics I worked with started as a color rather than starting with plain white fabric as most class members did.
I wasn't trying to be the maverick of the group, I just had some solid hand dyes that I thought I could enhance with some shibori dyeing.
I'm pleased with them and I hope you enjoyed looking at them.


Sherryl said...

They keep getting better Kay.

MargB said...

These are stunning pieces - it certainly looks like you had a wonderful time