Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 3 in Carol Soderlund's class

We had another great day in Carol's class.
We worked with thickened dye paste again.
Many methods of working with silk screens were covered today.
How to design and use thermofax screens was also covered.
Carol is a wealth of knowledge with so many different ways to use these tools.
The first image is layer 1 of one of my pieces.

I made some new stamps to use to put the thickened dye on my fabric and enjoyed using them. I used one of them for layer 2 of the same piece.

This photo shows a variety of pieces students are working on as well as some of the supplies students are using.
I am including several interesting images done by various students using some of the methods Carol has taught us.

I do not know if these images you see are complete of if they will add more layers.
I can't begin to tell you all the things we are learning in this class. Take a class from Carol if you ever have the opportunity. You will thank me for recommending it. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying her classes. this is my 4th class with Carol and I have never been in a class where there was an unhappy student.


Judi said...

Hi Kay, It sounds like your having a wonderful time in class. I wish I could of been in class with you all. Tell Carol Happy Birthday from me and give her a big hug. I'm in Des Moines, Iowa vending at the AQS show. Judi

K said...

I will tell Carol for you.
We wish you were here too. You were in 2 of the other 3 classes I took from Carol and somehow it isn't the same with out you.
I didn't know there was an AQS show in DesMoines.