Sunday, October 5, 2008

Recombobulation Area

I learned a new word.
This is the overhead sign right after you go through security at Mitchell Field in Milwaukee, WI.

I'd also like to share some art with you from the airport. This hangs over a stair well in the Midwest Airlines terminal. I love Midwest Airlines. They claim to offer the best care in the air and they really do. But since we were on a small plane we didn't get any freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

My flight arrived in Columbus right on time. My friend Sue arrived about 10 minutes after I did. I picked up my rental car and we were off to our hotel in Pickerington. While driving to the hotel two of our friends we were meeting up with called my cell. Sue answered my phone. I think they thought they had the wrong number when they heard her lovely English accent.
I quickly checked into the hotel. Our friends were waiting for us and we drove back to Columbus to The Top Steak House. Our dinner was top notch. Karen's husband Chris did the research and found this for us and he did good.
When I arrived back at the hotel I spent over an hour trying to get online. The internet was non existent. It took until midnight to be able to do anything so that's all folks for tonight.

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