Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 4- Shibori

The class is fantastic. How lucky can a girl get? Carol Soderlund one week and Jan Myers-Newbury the next.
We've really been busy dyeing yards and yards of fabric. Most of us have at least one composition on the design wall or maybe even stitched. Some have more than one.
I came to the class with no agenda other to learn whatever I could and create some unique fabric. I have definitely done both.

This is my composition. It is only pinned to the design wall. There will be some slight adjustments when I sew it together but the design will remain the same. For those of you who are familiar with my work you will notice the colors are softer than what I usually work with. I am pleased with it.

When we take our dyed fabric out of the dryer it is like getting a wonderful present.
If you are there when the dryer stops and you help sort it you really get to appreciate each and every piece.

We learned how to dye ombre fabric like this. It is just gorgeous. I haven't done this one yet.

Pauline is definitely the Queen of black and white shibori. These are just a few of the many pieces she has done. She is very prolific and each one is more wonderful that the last.

Jan showed us how to inset a square piece today. The green and brown section with 4 squares is inset into the piece. This is something worth the price of taking the class.

After Jan showed us how to inset a square one of our fellow students showed us how to inset a circle. We were all impressed. What slick trick to sew a pefectly round circle.
Tomorrow is our final day of class. We are going to hate to see it end as our minds are still full of so many ideas.


Anonymous said...
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Sherryl said...

The fabrics are gorgeous Kay. I want to learn how to do the ombre!

Stitch 'n Dye said...


what yummy things. My mouth dropped open at the ombre piece - it's stunning. Like your composition - and pauline's B/W stunning. So pleased you are having such a wonderful time.

Love Sue xxx

KarenF said... your's going to be great! You must be having an amazing time!

Exuberant Color said...

I love shibori. You guys are having way too much fun.

Roberta Ranney said...

Kay - Your unfinished quilt is looking wonderful. I am so so envious of the classes you are taking and all you are learning. Thanks for posting about what you are up to.

Cindy Cooksey said...

I am drooling from looking at all the beautiful fabrics! Thanks for sharing them........

Judi said...

WOW What a wnderful class. I sure wish I was able to be in that class. I want to learn so much of what you did in that class. how to insert a circle, a square and ofcourse all the beautiful shibori and the ombre. I bet your brain is on overload.

Jeanne Marklin said...

Can you do a tutorial on insetting circles? Nancy crow showed us once at the barn, but I didn't have time to make notes. I greatly appreciate it!