Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dyeing at the Barn with Carol Soderlund

Today was our second day at Nancy Crow's Barn in Ohio.
It was also the day after Carol Soderlund's birthday. No one knew yesterday was her birthday. When I realized it I got her a birthday cake with a candle. It was a muffin - but it's the thought that counts - right?
We continued to work on dyeing with thickened dyes today.
We also dyed the second round of our Sky color family.
Carol is an amazing teacher and we are all thrilled to be here and learning so much more about dyeing. We have a great group of happy talented women in the class. There are several I knew before the class but have enjoyed meeting all the new people.
I'd like to share some examples of the work we did the last 2 days. Most of these are only the first layer of color and design that will be applied to the fabric. Generally, each piece will have 2 or more layers applied to the fabric to make it a work of art. The following examples are the work of various class members.
Here is one group of fabrics on our design wall:
Here is another example of what we have been doing:

I have 4 pieces of fabric I am working on. I have no idea where they will lead me. At this point this is my favorite and I also spent the most time on it.
Here's hoping I don't do anything to spoil it!

We are also working on a "Class Quilt". Here are some of the pieces with the first layer of color.

Today we added the second layer of color to our "Class Quilt". We don't know what this will eventually look like but we have great faith in Carol. We know it will teach us many lessons.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,

I am keeping up with Sue's adventures at the Barn via your blog. I can't wait to see the next stage of the work.
Hope you are feeling better.

Best wishes,