Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where have I been and what am I doing?

I've been up in my studio trying to get things organized so I can layer and quilt the last 4 large quilts for my show in January.
It's finally starting to become a workable area and I should start layering the quilts in the next day or two.
I can't understand where all the "stuff" comes from! I throw away bags and bags of "stuff", donate "stuff" to the sharing center, occasionally sell some "stuff" on eBay and bring some of the "stuff" down to the first floor or the basement.
This week I will have at least 3 garbage cans full of stuff, as well as a car load of things for the Sharing Center.
I don't bring that much "stuff" up to the studio. It's one of life's biggest mysteries to me.

Technicolor Flying Geese

This is one of the quilts I made for sale in the gift shop at the Anderson Arts Center during my show that will run from January 25th, 2009 through March 29th, 2009.

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