Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Moo cards

Somebody said they would like to see my Moo cards.
They are so neat. They're half the size of a business card. You can put up to 6 lines of information on the back of them.
I scanned this selection of them.

You can use up to 100 different images on them. After you choose and download the images then you move the selection window around to get the part of the quilt you choose. I chose 55 images so I did get duplicates of some.
I have no connection with the company but I sure love what they do. They are in London and it only took me about a week to receive my order.
If you are interested in them you can do a google search for the company.


Norma said...

They really are cute. Such eye candy!

Twisted Sister said...

Love your moo cards - they are all so unique and so you. Isn't it a fab way to express yourself? I love how vivid the colors are. Thanks so much for sharing!
Jamie Fingal

Diana said...

Thanks for sharing. I heard about these little beauties recently. I did see on Etsy that they have informationa and a link to get these little cards.

Yours are simply gorgeous!
I will definately order some, too. Thanks for the information, Diana