Monday, October 20, 2008

Jan Myers class final report

We had 8 students in Jan's class. This allowed us plenty of room to work both in the classroom and the dyeing lab.
It was interesting to see the different work done by each student.
Everyone interpreted the information Jan gave us in the class in their own way.

Desha is a weaver. She considers herself a beginning quilter. Her work could certainly make you think she has been doing this for a long time. She was able to create a lot of wonderful fabric in the class. This piece is only showing a small amount of it.

Daren's work is as bright and cheerful as she is. She dyed a lot of fabric, each piece more beautiful than the last. She also had created several compositions before the class was over. They were great.
I do not have work to show from the other class members here.
You have already seen Pauline's work. She dyed mountains of fabric and I can't wait to see what she does with it.
You have already seen one of Susan's quilts. Her fabric was incredibly rich and colorful. Much of it had a complex look to it.
Anna Mae's quilts were very happy quilts to match her personality. I certainly could live with any of her compositions.
Barbara is an excellent photographer. She is able to intergrate her photos with the fabric she dyes to go with each photo. I was amazed at how she could capture the style and colors from the flower photographs in the pieces she dyed.
Betty did fabrics in more colors than anyone else in the class but they had a common theme. Fantastic.

To conclude the posts on my classes I'm sharing a final photo of an assortment of the work I created hung together on the wall. This is about half of what I created in Jan's class.
For anyone who is thinking about taking either a class from Jan or Carol I will have to say you can't go wrong. If you hear they are teaching in your area, sign up right away. I do know that Carol will be teaching again at Nancy's Barn in the spring of 2009. I do not know when and where Jan will be teaching but I would recommend you look for a class from her too.
I'd take a class from either of them again in a heartbeat.

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norma said...

I would love to take a class from either/both of them some day. Your pieces look fabulous!