Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall is here

According to the calender fall began over a week ago. The leaves have not started to turn colors yet in southern Wisconsin. Wagons full of pumpkins remind us it is fall. Until the today the weather was clear and warm. All of a sudden the temperatures have dipped and right now it is 46 degrees outside.
I'd like to share a fall quilt with you.
This quilt was made by painting thickened dye on freshly picked leaves. I placed the leaves painted side down on a white piece of fabric and pressed them so that the dye transferred to the fabric. The fabric was too white so I overdyed it with a khaki dye.

You can also do the same thing with fabric paints although you will get a more opaque image using paint.
The border is fabric I dyed at the same time I dyed the fabric for Bodacious Blossom.

In the closeup you can see that with the transparent nature of thickened dye you get an overlapping effect. When you use paint that may or may not happen.

You can also see a detail of the quilting in this photo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kay, So good to find your blog. I live in SW VA now. I love what you have done with the dye. I used fabric paints for years--remember my painted sweatshirt at the fair, many, many years ago? You had the quilted piece & won 1st prize.
Paulette in VA