Monday, October 13, 2008

Today Jan Myers-Newbury's Advanced Shibori class started at the barn

I'm enjoying Jan's Advanced Shibori class. It has been quite a few years since I took her beginning Shibori class. I did a lot of Shibori after I took that class.
It's like riding a bicycle - you don't forget how to do it. We're here to learn more new things and refine some of the things we have previously learned.
We started today with a exchange of fabric swatches we had dyed.
We also showed work we had done and told what our goals were for the class.
Several people had great quilts to share with the class.
When I showed Pauline's work last week it was hard to see. She is also in this class and she brought this spectacular quilt to share.

Susan made this stunning quilt after participating in Jan's Shibori class.

After we shared our work we dyed fabric with 4 different black dyes. It was amazing the difference between the blacks. Add to this the fact that class members had different fabrics and there was even more variety.
We then took the fabrics outside and discharged the black color with Soft Scrub cleanser, Dishwasher gel, and thickened bleach. Each product gave different results.
After that we started on the things we wanted to work on. I am trying several different things and hope some willl be successful.


Stitch 'n Dye said...


yummy - I am leaning more towards Shibori - it's the hard physical work that is hard on my wrists and shoulders that puts me off most.

Please tell Pauline - that her quilt is simply stunning:)

Love SUe xxx

Stitch 'n Dye said...

You've been tweaking yesterday's post. I was quite enjoying lying on my side - specially as my sleeping is still out of whack - I was enjoying the rest gggg...

Love Sue xxx

Rayna said...

Divine! I'm taking 3 days with Jan next month right here in NJ, 20 min from my house. Who would have believed it???!