Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sharing the work of other students in the class

I'd like to share the work of some of the other class members with you.
First I'll show the work of our family reunion group.
Carol really accomplished a lot of wonderful work.

Karen's work has a definite color signature. She even dressed to match it. Her black on white piece is stunning - too bad my photography leaves something to be desired.

Sorry that the ironing board and iron are in Pauline's photo, but anyone who works with fabric will understand how important these pieces of equipment are. Unfortunately her special work is dificult to see.

And last, but not least is Sue who also was very prolific. She came all the way from London to take Carol's class and attend our "Family Reunion". Yesterday I had a sideways photo of Sue but I've changed it and you can aso see her work so much better now.

Joan is another dyer who dressed to match her work or did she dye to match her attire? Figuring this out is like figuring out which came first - the chicken or the egg. She doesn't have it on but her sweatshirt matched the mauve in her work.

I don't have a photo of Ellen but I have a photo of here lovely work. She used some interesting colors and did some unique projects.

Barbara did an interesting piece of large squares. She Also also did some neat black and white images on fabric but they aren't visible in the photo.

I missed Meg but I'm glad I can show you her work. She did some really unique work

Sandra isn't here either but her work is. I wish I oculd show you a close up of the gold piece. The detail is great.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of Sherryl either. Her color sense and imagery on the top she was wearing was closely related to her lovely work.

I'm sorry I missed taking photos of the work of a few students in the class. It definitely wasn't because their work didn't measure up. I missed taking photos of some great pieces. I just somehow thought I had photos of everything but didn't. I'm sorry if those of you I missed are reading the list. In fact - if you are could you send me a jpeg and I'll add it.
I'm sure those of you who are interested in working with dyes can see why were were so excited to be able to take this class.


Stitch 'n Dye said...


Me on my side - Oh well - this is so funny. I cannot believe you left me like that. Feel like I'm still on that bumpy flight home:)

Judi said...

Everyone did such wonderful pieces. Kay, thanks for shareing. Judi