Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner tomorrow?

I'll be spending some time in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. I'm only responsible for the main course. The shopping is done. I've got to get the house back in shape after quilting today. If you're not busy you can help me cook or you can sit at the counter and watch.

One of my good friends said "Who else but you would have those spatulas color co-ordinated to your house?" And then she noticed I didn't have a purple one. It took me three years to find a purple one but I finally did.
The wood spurtles are hand made by Margaret Wolf's son Henry. Margaret is the chef extraordinare at Nancy Crow's barn. I hope I got her son's name right. The last time I saw her he was not currently making these. I am so happy I was smart enough to buy 3 when they were available.
You might also notice I even have a lime green wisk in my tomato pitcher. I bought it when I was on a lime green shopping expedition.

Finding a bakers rack that was the right size to fit in this corner was a real challenge. I finally found one on the internet. It holds the rest of my tomato collection. When we moved to Ohio years ago I gave away my mom's tomato teapot she had given me. I was always sorry I did. I started going to flea markets and found one that was exactly like the one I gave away. While searching for this I also found other tomato items. On the lower shelf you can see my pear puzzle gourd that I used for the puzzle last night. If you look real close you'll see one of my "tasteful" flamingoes as well as a frog that reminds me of my grandchildrens love of frogs.
There is also another gourd sculpture - the chicken on the second from the bottom shelf.
The bowl and plate are from Santa Fe, NM.
If you'd like to see details just click to enlarge the photo.

Tonight's puzzle is the replacement I found for my mom's tomato teapot.
Click to Mix and Solve


Dolores said...

Oh my, my eyesight must be going. I missed the flamingo the first time I looked. I love flamingoes - always have. I also love your kiwi plate - at least it looks like a kiwi.

Lauri said...

Love, love, LOVE the tomato teapot!

Do you actually use those spatulas? If I had them, I'd be afraid to use them! lol!