Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is a journal quilt? Part 2

This is another journal quilt that allowed me to use fabrics I had used in other quilts. I again experimented with different quilting designs. I used some traditional quilt patterns on this contemporary quilt.

On my last post I asked for comments on how you would define a journal quilt.
I hope you will take time to read the comments.
There were so many different thoughts and they were all very valid.

For this journal quilt I used the first fabrics I painted designs on along with other complementary fabric. I really enjoy adding detail to fabric with paint. Why don't I do more of that???? Again I experimented with different ways of quilting on this piece. As I look at my recent work I can see the things I tryed on these journal quilts appearing on so much of my work.

While I don't always know where I am heading when I start something new, I often see the results in future work so that is a benefit of working within the parameters I used for this series of journal quilts.

After you have read the comments from the last post feel free to add more thoughts and ideas of what a journal quilt means to you.

This quilt is also tonights puzzle.
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Donna said...

I have enjoyed seeing your lovely journal quilts and reading about them. In addition, the comments are an inspiration to me. I have never made a journal quilt and I think it's high time I start--and very soon! Thanks for sharing.


Karen M. said...

It is really interesting to read about all the different approaches to journal quilting. Mine usually have something to do with what is going on in our families lives, or our gardens. However, I often do try out a new technique or product while making them. This is how I learned to love coloring in my photos on fabric with Shiva Painsticks, and how to use t-shirt type transfers as resists for Setacolor paints. And, I often find that I end up with a theme that runs through several months in a row. When this happens, I usually turn the resulting quilts into a small fabric book.

kathy said...

Hi Kay, I too live in the middle of nowhere and an hour from anywhere.
I believe that the originator of the journal quilt idea did mainly use them to experiment with ideas and techniques. For me, being new to the art of it, the small size has been wonderful learning fun and experimention with composition and other elements of design as well as techniques. I haven't used them so much to convey an emotional event, except for my 2007one that was in the exhibit. I guess I've just been too busy exploring design and techniques! But having said all of that, I agree that they are a great conduit for expression too, which the word journal implies.