Saturday, April 25, 2009

This quilt was made with the leftover strata from a much larger quilt. The colors on this photo are very accurate.

Jubilation is the large quilt I made for my husband's office. It is 104 inches square. When I was ready to quilt it there were gremlins in my studio. There was no way I could free motion quilt on this.
That was a major problem as the quilting had to go back and forth in sharp curves.
I had a deadline as it had to be finished for the Open House in a week. I turned the entire quilt each time the stitching had to change directions. I did it but my shoulders sure felt it.

The pieced sections are done with commercial fabrics. I pieced them and then drew up this design. There was no way I could finish it at that time as I couldn't find a gray gradated fabric to create the effect I wanted. Fast forward 10-15 years and I was dyeing fabric. I dyed several batches to get the amount of fabric I needed for the background, border and binding.

Tonight's puzzle is the first quilt you saw.
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Vicki W said...

Jubilation is very cool! Is it still displayed?

Eva said...

The first quilt is gorgeous! The second -- hm, I love half of it, the non-grey-half (sorry, I just can't imagine a grey jubilation)...

norma said...

Great colors on both of them! Very cool quilts.