Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to our great room

Come in and sit down. I made the sofa pillows from molas that I bordered with dupioni silk in bright colors. I love the look but I learned a lesson. Silk pillows like to slide down on leather furniture. They are there to be used so you don't have to move them when you sit down.

The pillows on the loveseat coordinate with the colors of the quilt you've seen on the wall before. There is a fine line in several parts of the quilt that is exactly the color of the leather furniture.

As you sit here you can see the vignette on one end of the entertainment center.
I'm going to tell you a secret but you have to promise not to tell anyone! It's really not an entertainment center. It's the women's dresser for our bedroom. Since we didn't need it in the bedroom we used it as an entertainment center. There is plenty of room for our components because we just have a couple of components!
I created the plaque from polymer clay. When Judy was here she mentioned she thought the floral arrangement needed something more. I knew it did but just hadn't done it. I have made the addition and it looks much better.
Not only does this piece of furniture get used as an entertainment center but there is room to store all my place mats, napkins and napkin rings in it.
It also holds games, cards and coasters.

Tonight's puzzle is a puzzle of a puzzle gourd. I bought this gourd at the gourd show. It has been cut into many pieces and you have to put it together to make it whole. I'm fascinated by how someone can do this and make something that will stay together.
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Eva said...

The cushions are adorable!

Lauri said...

The pillows are gorgeous, but I would imagine that they could be quite slippery! And your polymer clay 'thingy' is so beautiful!!! I need to try that someday...