Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guest room - Before and after & See ya later alligator

I am showing you the before photos first. If you walk in the door to the guest room and look to the left this is the first wall you see. You can see the oak chest which was something we purchased on eBay so that we would have furniture in the guest room.

The stain glass windows were in our kitchen up north. When we knocked out the wall there was no place for them there.

Although we only built and decorated this house 5 years ago, the bedroom set in the guest bedroom was something we made do with. I did a Ralph Lauren look when I decorated it. I used Ralph's sheets for the curtains, on the bed, decorative pillows, for the dust ruffle, to back the chenille bedspread I made and also for the shower curtain in the guest bath. I also incorporated a lot of crocheted lace and old family photos.

When this unit showed upon eBay I purchased it with a little encouragement from a family member. I was told it was 5 units each 30 inches wide and 80 inches high.

When it was delivered it was over 20 pieces and they had to be put together to create the units - BUT - the units were each 40 inches wide so the four pieces wouldn't fit on the wall. I deliberated on how to make it work for quite some time. The next step was finding someone to assemble it and adapt the pieces to make it work.

It took several months to find a craftsman who could do this. I then waited several months until he was available. He did a fantastic job putting the pieces together and used some very creative ideas to repurpose parts of the wall unit. You have already seen the fifth unit in the Florida "studio" photos.

If you look closely you will see we have moved the bed to the wall the chest was on. The new decor includes bark cloth drapes and pillows with a more tropical theme. I was able to use the same pillows and just slipcovered them and retained the small pillow. The red lamp had to stay. I was concerned that this might be a lot of furniture for a room this size, but it has made it a very cozy room. You can just see a tiny part of the fifth unit at the right of this photo.

The entire wall of cabinets and display areas has given us a lot of storage in addition to the display area.

See ya later alligator! This was the view from our lanai on a Sunday afternoon. He was at least 12 feet long and within 15 feet of our house. We were out shopping at the time but our neighbor took this photo.
He's going to be the puzzle for you. I'm using the crazy puzzle cut as there were 4 crazy men within a few feet of this guy.

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