Saturday, April 11, 2009

If it's Easter there must be snow in Wisconsin!

Actually this photo was taken last year in southern Wisconsin on Easter. The bunny sculpture was created by 4 of my grandchildren while visiting their other grand parents. You can see how high it is by looking at the house in the background. It took a lot of snow and they certainly had a lot. I don't know how long it lasted as they left Wisconsin and flew to Florida to enjoy our warm weather last year. Snow on Easter may be the exception rather than the rule, but it was not the only time this has happened.

Another Easter memory also was the result of inclement weather. We were not able to hide the eggs outside so I took the grandchildren to the Dollar Store to spend some money while the Easter Bunnies quickly hid the eggs. Each child had a different color egg and they each had 4 real and 4 plastic eggs. They found all but one of the eggs. Jessica didn't find her 4th egg. Of course this was one of the real ones! I don't see Nicholas in this picture - he must be looking for the egg. We searched high and low for the egg and never found it. We then and there made a rule that Easter bunnies must write down where they hid each egg - especially the ones for the oldest children since they were hid in very difficult places to find.

On Thanksgiving I offered who over found it $10. I didn't want to have a Chinese thousand year old egg in our house! I'm not sure who found it, but since they had all been looking just as hard they split the money when it was finally found in the shop. It did not smell at all - although if it had we probably would have found it sooner as it was out in the open - just not in a room we used often.

Un Huevo Grande did not start out to be a quilt with an egg but that's what it became. It's tonight's puzzle.
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