Sunday, April 26, 2009

Washington Park High School, Racine, WI Class of 1957 class reunion and McKinley Junior High school Class of 1954 class reunion

Today we had a class reunion in Florida before we all head back to WI.
Members of the Park 1957 Class are Pat and Ron Brodsko, Kay Koeper Sorensen, Pat Davidson Maranger and her husband John (Union Grove High School graduate). We met at the Players Grill Restaurant for Brunch. It was delicious.
Pat and Kay were also members of the McKinley Jr. HIgh School class of 1954.
Just as we were looking for someone to take the picture Chuck Odders, Park High School class of 1960 walked in so he was our photographer.
We had a great time reminiscing and catching up. I also shared the news about some of our class members I reconnected this week with on Face Book: Karen Levandowski Shumaker, Doris Clickner Bryant, Carol Smalancke Holbus and James Rutherford.
After brunch it was back home to work on getting the house ready for the house sitters. John and Lynn Maher were their usual helpful selves. I sure picked a good Florida brother to adopt.

Rignt about now I wish all my furniture was Formica or painted as I spent a great deal of time oiling the furniture today.

Since it was such a beautiful day I decided to go for a joy ride in our convertible - otherwise known as our metallic purple and turquoise golf cart. It was a real joy taking it for a 3 mile ride around the development. The colors were chosen to coordinate with the decor of the house!

So that you can feel the wind in your hair as you ride with me in our convertible I'm using it for tonight's puzzle.
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