Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch and then quilt some more!

Today we had lunch at the Nancy Lopez Country Club at The Villages. It is such a pleasant place for ladies to lunch. There were also a few men there. Suzie is on the left and she has been my visitor here this week for our quilting vacation. In the middle is Lynn. We visited Lynn and John 6 years ago. I didn't like Florida and was never going to live there. Within 36 hours of our arrival to visit them we contracted to build our home here. The lady on the right looks sort of like me, but I'm not sure. Our waiter took the photo. If I had known he was going to paste all those extra chins on me I don't think my tip would have been so generous!

This is the free form cutting piece after I have sewn it together. I taped it to the door to take the photo. At least you can see it without the perspective you saw in the other photos. I feel this quilt still needs something. That something will probably be a great deal of quilting to make the coloration have more value variety. Don't expect to see the completed version of this soon. You can get a larger version of this one by clicking on the photo.

Suzie finished half of her bargello quilt top. It was a very labor intensive project as she chose to make the pieces match at most of the seams. In others she used a half drop. I think this was a very creative and effective way to get some variation in the pattern. This is an original design by Suzie.

Tonight's puzzle is Suzie's bargello quilt top.
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Mary Stori said... sound like you are having such fun in FL......I wanna come and visit too!

Eva said...

Kay, I wish I could meet you and enjoy the sense of humor I can see in your laugh. I wouldn't have found what you mentioned if you hadn't mentioned it.
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