Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Tango in Paris or Last ladies who lunch in Florida?

The snowbirds are getting ready to fly north so we had to have a farewell lunch.
We went back to Nancy Lopez Country Club and had a wonderful lunch.
You've met most of these ladies before, but there are 2 who you haven't met.

From left to right: JAN, Nancy, Marilyn, OREAN, Pat, Me, and Lynn. If their name is in caps you haven't met them before.

We were so glad to see each other and so busy talking I forgot to take food photos.
I had their Legacy salad and it was perfect. Everyone enjoyed their meal and the portions were so generous that doggie bags were in order for some of the group.

I'm glad I started this post before I broke my second pair of prescription glasses today. The only Rx glasses I have left until I return north are my sun glasses. So if I make typing errors and don't see them that is why.

Pueblo uses the same fabrics from the tesselation quilts a few days ago. The inspiration for this quilt came from a painting I saw out of the corner of my eye in a gallery window in Santa Fe. The next morning I created this. When I saw the painting again it looked nothing like what I had created! I may have shown it before but since I can't see that well without my glasses I'm not going to search to see if I did!

It's also tonight's puzzle.
Click to Mix and Solve

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Eva said...

Amazing 3D effect on the tower next to the moon! Especially, because it happens only once. I like it.