Thursday, April 2, 2009

What time is it kids? Quilting time!

I've already shown you the fabric's Suzie chose for the quilt she is making. She has sewn together two 42" wide sets of strata to make her bargello quilt. She has started to cut strips from the strata and sew them together but will finish and turn in for the night in a few minutes.

I finished a quilt today but did not get a photo of it yet.

I'm working on another project with some blocks I made several years ago. I used all hand dyed fabrics and did curved freeform cutting and piecing using several layers of fabric.
The blocks were VERY lumpy and bumpy. That's why they have sat for all this time as I tried various ways to make them fit together and lay flat. I tried adding curved borders but that didn't help at all.

I had an idea and it worked. I sprayed the block with water until it was very wet and then ironed it and shaped it until it layed flat. The block still has irregular edges but that is something I can easily deal with in the design.

Using 12 of the 14 blocks I have I come up with this design. I plan on sewing these together tomorrow and hopefully also getting it quilted.

Tonight's puzzle is another piece I made with my Embellisher and those cheapy sleazy fabrics and some wisps of wool roving.
Click to Mix and Solve


Eva said...

Remember a sunny picnic. Spread a quilt on the grass in the shadow of a tree with the sunlight flickering through the leaves.
Birds singing.

Vicki W said...

Mmmm, love the turquoise and orange!