Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's time for a little of this and that!

My friend Suzie and I try to spend a week together each year doing some quilt related class or retreat. This year we are spending it at my house in Florida.
Suzie and her husband Kerry arrived late Sunday afternoon. This is their arrival photo complete with the flamingo necklaces each of my house guests receives. If you come to visit you will get one too!

I gave them time to put away their suitcases and wisked them off to dinner and a game of Shanghai at our friends Chuck and Mary's. The men decided to watch the golf match rather than play cards. If was a fun evening with delicious food, delightful friends and a good game of cards.
We have been quite busy since they arrived as we had to fit a lot in as Kerry will leave early tomorrow afternoon for home.

I received an email from my son's office manager Geri today. She follows my blog and got a kick out of my picture at the ocean a few days ago.
My son's back was bothering him so she made him a get well card.

The front read: Roses are red, Violets are blue...

Inside: Your Mama is in better shape than you! Get well Soon! (With picture)

She said: "He thought it was quite funny, then threatened me with showing you how I superimposed your face! HA ,HA joke back on him since your the one with the sense of humor!

It made a cute card and we all had a good chuckle- "

Suzie and I have made 2 trips to the local quilt shop Whippoorwill Station. Yesterday it was to see what they have and today Suzie bought fabric for the quilt she will make while she is here.

These are the fabrics she chose and will be making this for her granddaughter. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

I have a whole stack of quilt projects I can chose from to work on. They are all works in progress.

Two years ago Suzie and I went to a retreat and I brought my then new Embellisher with me. There were boxes of assorted fabrics that had been donated for us to use. I pulled fabrics from the boxes that I would never have used in a million years in my quilts: polyester, sleazy nylons, metallic stretch fabrics, almost anything goes. They were the perfect fabrics to use with the Embellisher. It was so much fun. By the time the retreat was over everyone wanted an Embellisher. I added a few beads and some tinselly strands to complete this piece.

It is tonight's puzzle.
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Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Wow Kay.....I have to look into those embellishers. That is fantastic!
You are still having way too much fun.
YOu need to get back to reality in Wisconsin! hahaha

Lauri said...

I so want one of those embellishers...the coolest things come from those!

I just found your blog from your guest posting at Robin's blog, and I am amazed at your talent!