Saturday, March 21, 2009

The adventures of Judy and Kay or another beautiful day in paradise!

After a very leisurely morning enjoying the perfect warm weather with a gentle breeze we went to the Market of Marion which is just a few miles away.
It is a typical Florida flea market. It has a few antiques and collectibles, a lot of fresh produce and the usual assortment of STUFF that you can find at Florida flea markets. T shirts, knock off purses, painted wine glasses, Harley stuff, luggage, dollar stores, fresh strawberry shortcake, fudge, cheese, clothing, Mexican imports, puppies, tools, eyeglasses and magnifying glasses, golf carts and golf cart accessories, plants, rugs, yard flags, paintings and frames, contractors who will paint your driveway, build you a screen room, tile your floors, craft items, peanuts, candy, and that is just the beginning.

People come from miles away to visit Marion Market but for us it is just a few miles away. Sometimes the traffic backup to get in stretches 2 or more miles. Welcome to Florida during snowbird season!!!!!!!!
At the end of this month we will start seeing the gradual departure of snowbirds.

Judy and I each bought 3 glass pendants and we got a free ribbon when we purchased 3!
It was a fun girl thing to do. We did our little bit for the economy.

We came home, had lunch and enjoyed the weather again as we caught up on each others latest news.

For dinner we went to The Villages. The parking lots were super full but we found a parking space after less than 10 minutes! Every third Saturday there is a car show at The Villages and tonight was the night. It is a fun activity but we missed it as we had to wait in line at a restaurant and didn't get out of the restaurant until 9 p.m. At 9 p.m. they roll up the sidewalks in The Villages and everyone disappears.
It was very crowded tonight as it is spring break and many people have visiting children and grandchildren. Spring break, perfect weather and the car show and it was one of the biggest crowds I've seen there.

My sister Connie said she thinks every senior citizen in the area goes to Wal Mart at 11:30 a.m. as she had to drive around for a half hour to find a parking space when she visited us. (This is the top selling Wal Mart store in the country}. Well Connie, I have news for you - they were ALL at Spanish Springs Town Square tonight.

One of my favorite quilts representing Florida is Mary McBride's Snowbirds In a November Sky. I've seen this in person and it makes a statement that we all can relate to here in FL. Humorous and so true to life!

Tonight's puzzle is another quilt, Three Dimensional Rainbow, I designed in Corel Draw but never made. It actually could be pieced quite easily with strip piecing. The 3 dimensional construction would not be easy.

Click to Mix and Solve

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Christine Thresh said...

You have so much to say and show. I don't know how you do it. I check your blog almost every day and find something interesting.
That "Snowbids in a November Sky" by McBride is so humorous.
Thanks for everything.