Thursday, March 12, 2009

June - 15 down, 2 tonight, 2 to go

June 16 had a surprise for me that I didn't see. When I was working with this piece I had a hard time finding something for the final border. I finally settled on the fabric you see in this photo. After I shared it with a group of my friends one of them asked me if I did the shibori to the center "tree" piece before or after I did the multicolor dyeing to that piece and the border. Duh! I hadn't even realized these were from the same piece of fabric. And this fabric was originally my dye wipe up rag. I find some of my best fabrics come from my dye wipe up rags. If you are a fabric dyer NEVER use paper towels to wipe up - use a piece of fabric. Just be sure you soak it in soda ash either before or after the dyes are wiped up with it.

June 17 was the other quilt that I fused, not pieced. When I started it I intended to make a quilt with circles. I guess I don't do circles. I just let my scissors guide me when cutting fabric and this is what happened. I find I work more honestly when I let my fabric and tools direct my creative efforts. Of course I step back and evaluate and continue to change, add or remove elements until I am satisfied with the piece.
June 16 is the puzzle I made for you tonight.
Click to Mix and Solve


Vicki W said...

I love both of these!

karenfae said...

I love these! beautiful.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I love seeing all the different "styles" of quilts you make! Amazing and since I love shibori I love these two!

If summer would just get here I can try dying!!!!

norma said...

I really like both of these quilts. I love the shibori in the first piece and the curvy lines in the second; great color, too.

Eva said...

It has the beauty of natural growth!

Heather P said...

Both pieces are wonderful, Kay. I love your shibori!