Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Halfy Birthday Present

Today is my halfy birthday. When my sister went to Key West a few weeks ago she bought me a present.
She didn't buy a present for anyone else so I know I am her favorite sister.
She sent it so it would arrive today for my Halfy Birthday. How cool is that?

She sent me 1 yard of 60" wide flamingo fabric direct from Kay West. She thought I could make a quilt or do whatever I want with it. I will be testing ideas of how to use it.

Here's a closeup of the fabric. As many of you know I collect tasteful flamingos. Don't you think this is a tasteful flamingo item?
Thank you Connie for the present and also for picking me your favorite sister!!!

My friend Judy came all the way from Wisconsin to help me celebrate my Halfy Birthday. We lounged around and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We went over to Market Square at The Villages and had dinner at Up The Creek. We both enjoyed it, but as usual I failed the test and didn't take any photos.

I have had a question about how to do my puzzles. To start just double click on the puzzle and it will come up in a new window with all the pieces ready for you to put together. To start just put your cursor on a puzzle piece and move it around until you find another piece it belongs with. Continue to do this until you get all the pieces put together. If you would like to do an easier version of the puzzle just click "Change cut" and you can select from the various cuts with different numbers of pieces.

Tonight I'm using the Halfy Birthday card I sent myself for the puzzle.

Click to Mix and Solve

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Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Happy Half Birthday Kay!
Sounds like you are having FUN!