Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting acquainted with my sewing machine again and June

Today I got out the sewing machine and quilted some small commission pieces and finished them. I can't show them to you yet as I want the recipients to be surprised when they see them.
I also quilted one of a pair of quilts I made last year. It has been so long since I used this machine it was a learning experience to figure out where everything was again. Each machine has it's own idiosyncrasies. How do you wind the bobbin? How do you drop the feed dogs to free motion quilt? How do you change the tension? How do you change the width and length of the zig zag stitch? How do you select needle down when you stop sewing? One of the biggest challenges for me is threading the needle as my vision is not what it once was. The needle threader doesn't want to cooperate so I try and try again. Eventually the thread goes through.
It did feel good to get back to sewing. After the show oepning I was burned out and travelling hasn't helped me to get going. So now I can't wait to work on the other quilt of the pair tomorrow. We also have our quilt guild meeting tomorrow afternoon so I will bring something along I can hand sew at the meeting.

June 14 is one of only 2 quilts in this series that I fused rather than pieced. I used negative positive images and combined them with different backgrounds. I had originally planned on trimming both ends so the quilt was symetrical. Suzie and Tommy convinced me that I should leave it assymetrical. Thanks Suzie and Tommy, you knew best.

June 15 is a quilt I dye painted a design on and then overpainted it with fabric paint. The border is a hand dyed damask.

I've included this close up so you can see the detail of the painting as well as the quilting. Of course you can click for a larger view on any of these photos.
June 14 is tonight's puzzle.
Click to Mix and Solve

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