Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's time to get back to The Colors Of My Life

This is The Colors Of My Life 5. It was one of the quilts selected to appear in Jinny Beyer's book Color Confidence. My goal here was to do a traditional style quilt using mostly large tropical prints. After I sewed the strips of fabric together I had to take out one print that didn't work.

The Colors Of My Life 6 uses exactly the same fabrics as The Colors Of My Life 5 in exactly the same order. The only difference is the color that was in the center on 5 is now on the outside in 6 and vice versa. One of the reasons Jinny Beyer was so excited when she saw these quilts was because she feels a quilt needs a deep dark to make it successful. So many people interpreted that to mean DARK quilts. Colors 6 uses ONLY 1 dark square. To illustrated how important that one dark square was she showed the quilt twice - once as you see it and the second time with the center square covered with a lighter fabric. The quilt just died without that dark square.
Technically these were simple quilts to piece. Selecting and coordinating the fabric for maximum impact was the challenge here.
The quilting on both of these quilts was done in the ditch so it did not interfere with the effect created with the fabrics I chose to use.

PUZZLES: Several of you told me you think YOU are the slowest of all when you do the puzzles. I don't think you are slower than I am! I get statistics that you don't so I know this. Just remember, it's not a contest, it's exercise for your brain and no matter how long it takes you you'll get a feeling of satisfaction when you complete a puzzle.
I've stretched out Colors Of My Life 5 for tonight's puzzle.
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Geta Grama said...

Hello Kay,

I have Jinny's book and I love your quilt, when I saw it here I knew it is from Jinny's book !