Monday, March 23, 2009

Ladies who lunch can quilt too!

This is the view of the outside of the Cotillion. The building was originally a bank.

Kay and Judy did lunch today at the Cotillion Southern Cafe.

Judy enjoyed the Texas country fried chicken. She said it was excellent and brought back memories of home cooking.

Kay had the tomato bisque soup (not shown) and the catfish with cheese grits, coleslaw and a special tartar sauce. MMMM mmmm - delicious.

After lunch a little aerobic exercise was in order so off to The Villages to visit the shops at Spanish Springs. The shopping expedition was successful.

In the evening both Judy and Kay made a fused quilt.

Judy was able to get "out of the box" and create this very artistic quilt. The timer was set and she had one hour to create this. She will quilt it when she returns to Wisconsin. I am quite sure she surprised herself with her accomplishment. I LOVE this quilt. It is so original and appealing. Can you believe this was her very first fused quilt?

This was also a challenge for me to create a fused quilt with commercial fabrics. I usually work with hand dyed fabrics when I make my fused quilts. I'm also pleased with it.

Judy's quilt is tonight's puzzle. I'm sure you'll enjoy it and I know her grandchidren will have fun doing it.
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Exuberant Color said...

You two are just having way too much fun!!

Eva said...

The green cat is so hilarious, I pitied the poor thing a lot. This expression on the face and the belly pain posture... At first glance I saw letters above the beast saying "fun", but this was just coincidence.