Monday, March 16, 2009

Quilt 341

Quilt 341 is a companion piece to quilt 340 that you saw yesterday. It is the positive/negative complement.

This closeup shows the grid I added as a focal point. Without a focal point these quilts look incomplete.

After I posted last night about seeing the launch of the space shuttle Discovery I heard from other people who had also seen it. It was one of the most beautiful launches anyone remembered. I am indeed fortunate to have been able to see it "up close and personal" rather than on TV. It really gave me a feeling of being a small part of the space program since my taxes support it! The last time I felt like this was years ago when my children had a parade for the touch down of Apollo ?? - can't remember the number. Maybe when my son reads this he'll remember the number and let me know.

Tonight's puzzle is a closeup of Quilt 341.
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