Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Colors Of My Life - Working through a design idea

Colors Of My Life 10 is a tesselation. There was something about it I wasn't pleased with but no matter how I changed the fabrics I couldn't get the look I was after.
Finally I said to myself "It's an attractive quilt so just sew it together and go on to the next one." And that is exactly wht I did.

I tried the same tesselation again in The Colors Of My Life 11 shading it in the opposite direction. It was better but still wasn't doing what I wanted it too. I knew I had to try again.

The third time was the charm! I realized the tesselated shapes needed to shade from dark at the ends to light in the center to get the effect I was looking for. This is The Colors Of My Life 13. I also elongated the tesselated shape and added additional colors but that was not why it worked. I know when things like this happen some people feel like it the first two trys were failures. My feeling is when you are doing a series you just keep trying and each piece builds on the last.

Since it took so long to get the The Colors Of My Life 13 I think it is appropriate to use it for tonights puzzle.
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patchworkmaniac said...

Actually I think all three versions are lovely - congratulations.

Bethany said...

WOW. I love the way the colors blend. Beautiful. I love all of them.