Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Colors Of My Life are winding down

This is The Colors Of My Life 14. It is one of the few that has a subtitle: Red Cross Quilt.
My goal when I made this was to use a different fabric for each cross and to make half of the crosses from black prints.
After I put the first attempt on the design wall I realized I had to change some of the colors and also change positions to make things pleasing to the eye. I spent a great deal of time making this work.

One of the hardest things for me to do when making quilts is to work with light or pastel colors. The Colors Of My Life 15 was my only attempt to create a light quilt in this series. I have used a similar pattern to the one I used in The Colors Of My Life 2 but this time it is completely made up of squares. I feel this was a successful quilt, but when it is shown with the others that are stronger with the deeper colors sometimes it gets lost. I played with color in several ways in this quilt.
Tonight's puzzle is The Colors Of My Life 14.
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Eva said...

The Red Cross really works! It was worth the work you put into it! -- Did anybody tell you "why don't you do a light colour quilt"? I seems as if you are missing the darker shades indeed...