Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I waited over 2 years for this!

This is a view of the bunk room at Karey's Franch. Why is it a Franch? French Provincial decor on a ranch!

Saturday morning after our slumber party at Karey's Franch breakfast was served to those of us who slept over. Fresh fruit, yogurt, great pastries, OJ, and coffee. It was the perfect breakfast for me.
After breakfast the rest of the group packed up.

Frances, Karen, Leslie, Jamie, Iris and I jumped into the Tijuana Taxi and headed to Round Top, Texas Population 77 - to shop, eat and see the quilt show.

We parked in front of Lizzy Lous's and spent time perusing the unique offerings in Lizzy Lou's. Several patriotic members of our little group did their part to jump start the economy.

Then it was time to head to Royer's Round Top Cafe for the meal I had waited over two years for. Yes, it was as wonderful as I remembered it was. Frances and I had Quail stuffed with Bacon. We both agreed it WAS as good as the last time we ate there over 2 years ago.

Then it was time for our aerobic activities - shopping and seeing the quilt show at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery.
The quilt show "It's Not A Quilt...Or Is it? had been extended through March 15th so you still have time to see it. We were very impressed.

We also visited several other galleries and saw some great art. After our excursion Frances, Karen and I headed back to the Franch for one more night. We were exhausted and turned in early.

We left around noon on Sunday and headed to the airport where Karen and I had flights home leaving 2 minutes apart. Frances headed home after she dropped us off at the airport. Thank you Frances for being such a great friend.

It was a trip to remember. Thanks to Karey who made this possible. I'll also tell you a big secret that some of you may not know. If it weren't for Karey Bresenhan there would not be the healthy quilting revival and industry we are fortunate to have today. I've watched what she has done since the first Quilt Market and Festival and while others have played a supporting role, Karey has been the one who has lead the way. Whether you are a new quilter, a seasoned quilter, a traditional quilter, an art quilter or just a quilt lover you wouldn't be enjoying your quilt connection if Karey wasn't passionate about what she has done and continues to do.
So Karey, I salute and thank you for making my life richer.

Tonight's puzzle is a mosaic I found on the floor in the airport terminal when I arrived home. I had never been through this particular terminal and was so glad to see the beautiful mosaic work.
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karenfae said...

that taxi sure is something else!

Jamie Fingal said...

we certainly did have a great time at our slumber party, eating together and just sitting around and talking. It was so nice to meet you in person!