Monday, March 2, 2009

True Texas Hospitality

Texans know how to make you feel really welcome.
From our dinner the first night we arrived to our farewell the trip to Karey's Franch was awesome.

Pam Kersh, the Great Expectations Creativity Center property manager couldn't have been more accomodating. She has a knack for seeing what has to be done, doing it and enjoying what she is doing. Here is Pam making sure everyone is taken care of.

As we arrived Vicki Mangum welcomed us and made sure we all had our nametags. Vicki is such a warm person and is so easy to talk to. She was going to spend the night with the guests at the Franch but family obligations took precedence, as they should.

Karey gave us all a very warm welcome to the Franch and made sure we were all aware of all the things that were going on in the area. Karey seems to know each and everyone of us and makes sure we are comfortable and makes each of us feel truly welcome.

Karey, Vicki and Jeanelle McCall are enjoying a conversation under one of the huge trees on the property.

Here is my friend Frances Holliday Alford who picked me up at the airport, drove Karen and I around and returned us to the airport. I'm so happy to know her. She brought along her Mail Art and allowed anyone who wanted to to work on it. She is a master of both the Mail Art, her highly embellished quilts and more.

Here Karen Stiehl Osborn is visiting with Frances as she checks here email on the computer. Karen is not only a very accomplished artist but is a very important part of Fiber Art For a Cause. She is is charge of the Collage Mania that will be held for three days only: May 5, 6 and 7, 2009. Where else can you get a piece of original art by one of many talented artists for $80 or $40? Don't miss your chance to acquire art at this the very last Fiber Art For a Cause Collage Mania. You can get the details here.

These two photots show some of the 70+ people who attended the reception.
I still have more to tell you about the trip but I'll conclude tonight with these last two photos.

The puzzle tonight shows you the outside of the Great Expectations Creativity Center.
Of course I had to choose a star cut for a puzzle from Texas.
Click to Mix and Solve

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karenfae said...

looks like you had fun - continue to enjoy the warm weather while you can although by time you get back to WI it will be warmed up some I bet.