Wednesday, March 25, 2009

June 18 and 19 - concluding the series

June 18 used fabrics I had dyed at several different dyeing sessions. The main fabric in this quilt was originally dyed yellow and turquoise and I was not pleased with it. I then did the shibori dyeing over it and still couldn't think of any way to use it. It sat on the shelf until I started working on this series in June 2007. The design decisions and playing with the fabric and trying various ideas with the fabrics took much longer than the actual sewing process. It was quilted about this time last year. The finishing was not done until shortly before my show opened.

June 19 was done with fabrics I had recently dyed along with some fabrics dyed several years ago. I normally work in much stronger colors but I started this quilt with the light lavender and the long strip of shibori down the center. For some reason those soft colors in those fabrics appealed to me at that time and I am still drawn to this completed quilt. Selecting the quilting design was a real challenge for this quilt as the quilt is so simple. I needed something to add interest but not overwhelm the overall design.

If you would like to see a close up of the quilting you can click on this photo. I have used various colors of vareigated threads so the quilting does not stand out in the photo as it would have if I used a solid thread. That is the effect I was after - soft.
If you would like to see all the quilts in the June series go to the top of the blog and put June in the white box and click on Search and all posts with a June series quilts should come up.

Tonight's puzzle is June 2.
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Vicki W said...

I love both of those! I'm usually not into turquoise so much but I love it with the gold and red.